Data Firm Run By Former Cambridge Analytica Employees 'Working On Trump's 2020 Re

06 Nov 2018 16:27

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is?RfuU3IhZm_Bd89HcmcY5dIBH8-mhzeezsEMYJ69xJv0&height=205 Twenty minutes later, Rosen refreshed his browser. The Advertisements Manager window displayed the latest numbers: Rosen could see only the final results, not the approach that produced them, but it seemed as if the click had inspired the algorithm to favor the initial ad. During those 20 minutes, the 1st ad appeared before 76 more folks — that is, it won 76 more auctions than the other two advertisements. More than the next hour, the algorithm showed the 1st ad, which featured a photo of colorful Hubble boxes against a blue background, to much more and a lot more customers the algorithm had begun to favor it, apparently. As Rosen refreshed his browser, the sensation was like watching a seed sprout. The ad got more views. Some led to clicks. And at some point, sometime in between 11:28 a.m. and 11:53 a. 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